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Most of the relationships built on an element of trust and love. Love is necessary requisite in any successful relationship.  In a relationship, partners desire fidelity from their better half.  However, in some cases like in which girl may lookout for other guys even when she was already in serious relationship with a particular guy. This is because some crucial things are missing in a relationship and that may be the reason why girl is looking out for another man to fulfill her needs.

how relationship changes over timeNormally, on 90% of cases, it is the mistake of guys in relationship which make their partner to be disloyal to them, as the girl feels suffocated in the relationship. Life will be leaded with many problems and in many relationships the guy may mistreat the girl and even taking her for granted. Thus, it is in the hand of guys to behave in such a way to make girls interested on them.

Guys should treat his partner with a balance of love, understanding, caring and respect. It will lead to the blossoming of a beautiful relationship. The same qualities were expected from the girls and they should treat their better-half with love, caring and respect.

The most important factor in any relationship is undoubtedly, respect. If a man is expecting some respect from his partner, then he should ensure that he gives an equal degree of respect to his partner.  When a man respects his girl and show love and care, only then the element of trust will be implemented in a relationship. A man should never misuse this element of trust and should never betray a woman’s trust. If this element is lost, then it is lot forever in a relationship. So, avoid any situations that will break this trust.

Another factor is intimacy in a relationship. If you can’t be intimate with your partner, whether physically or emotionally- or both, you cannot expect to have a lasting relationship with your partner. Your relationship cannot survive without intimacy, because intimacy is the foundation of any relationship. Spanish fly drops which is artificial supplement, will help couples to increase their intimacy level.

You should ensure that everyday is like a new day in your relationship and treat your girl like a queen. What women desire the most from their men are love, pampering, honesty as well as complete loyalty. If you can provide these things to your partner, she would be yours forever and there is no break-up in your relationship.

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