Malaysia- Memorable Overseas Vacation

Malaysia will surely give you a unique travel experience which is very much different from its neighboring countries. From dense rain forests to the beaches, Malaysia is beautiful in its own way. Even though its underrated country, it has never lead backward in terms of adapting technologies, one of the best example is “Twin Towers”. Malaysia has got million of stuffs to offer the visitors.

The Petronas Twin Towers are a must see in Malaysia, and if you are not afraid of heights then you should never miss a chance to walk on the bridge connecting the two towers. These Twin Towers are located right at the capital City of Malaysia Kuala Lumpur. There is a bird zoo and few parks worth visiting in the capital city.

Dive in the Perhentian islands, these islands are well known for snorkelers and divers as the crystal-like waters surrounding welcomes wide range of corals, sea turtle, small sharks and a reef fish. They are getting more popular year by year.

Live a life in MalaysiaTake a walk in Georgetown, which is considered as a Malaysia’s most fascinating city. It’s famous for its crisscrossing streets including many small shops to attract the shopping freaks, many historical buildings and a beautiful night life.

Mount Kinabalu National park is another Major attraction, it is the Malaysia’s tallest mountain and the 4Th tallest in southeast Asia. Trekking through the huge park will be amazing. Another major attraction, you will enjoy is Malaysia’s online playing sites such as

You need to tour the Tea Plantations without a second opinion. The Cameron Highlands is full of lush Tea plantations and are a popular place to go on a tour. You can visit the Tea factories to know about the production process of tea and you even can relax with a cup of tea. This area is well suitable to spend a few days.

Sarawak cultural village is a living museum that showcases the heritage of all the racial groups in Sarawak – Malays, Chinese and Indians who have been living peacefully for hundreds of years. Apart from the cultural experience there are lots of fun activities and traditional dance lessons taught.

There is a unique form of transportation called “Trishaw” found in City Melaka. These are simple bike taxis which are decorated in various styles.

So, when you plan for a trip to Malaysia do not miss to visit these major places. Not only these but there are few more places which makes your trip more memorable.


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